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We’re an association that campaigns energetically on behalf of neighbours here in East Twickenham. We not only aim to safeguard the character of our area, but also to develop the neighbourhood community, and make it an even better place to live! Click here to see the area we cover*.

We were founded in 2019. Here’s a flavour of what we do:

  • Lobby the Council on key issues, giving neighbours a voice in decisions affecting our area, such as traffic, parking and the local environment.
  • Scrutinise any major planning applications impacting us, and respond to them if needed.
  • Update our members on what’s going on through email newsletters, Street Champions, meetings, and WhatsApp groups.
  • Participate on behalf of our members in key community meetings in East Twickenham, including with our Councillors.
  • Bring our members together as a community.

And here are the benefits you get from belonging to RiBRA. Just click here to join us!

If you live in our area and would like to join your Street WhatsApp Group (open to everyone, no charge) please email us on

*We work closely with our friends in Twickenham Park Residents Association (TPRA) which covers the area to the north of Richmond Road.

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